From Berne to Zürich in 12 Minutes!

From Geneva to Berne in 12 Minutes!

SwissMetro-NG is a politically neutral non-profit association (NG = New Generation)

CO2 Neutral – Efficient – Comfortable – Safe – Quiet – Affordable – Sustainable


A Vision for Switzerland

Underground with ultra-fast speed through Switzerland

SwissMetro-NG is a modern, sustainable transportation system. It unburdens the existing railways and highways and also fulfils the requirements of the 21st Century (CO2, energy efficiency, sustainability, etc.). It connects the urban centres without diminishing the charm and beauty of the picturesque landscapes and the historical cities of Switzerland. SwissMetro-NG eliminates the resistances to movemement and speed instead of fighting them by burning more and more fuel. Ultra-fast (supersonic) speeds become possible, sustainable and economically feasible.


Possible Networks

Connecting the important Swiss cities and regions

The network can be constructed in steps. Travel times are reduced significantly. Connections to smaller cities are also possible. In this way we bring Swiss regions closer together and at the same time we preserve their cultural identity.

Step 1: The first network connects the most important cities with single tracks (thin lines)

Step 2: Network with dual tracks on the main lines (thick Lines) and single tracks to connect the South.


Step 3: This is how the fully developed network could look like.
(include additional regions, connect on to neighbouring countries, increase in capacity).
(single track = thin lines, double track = thick lines)