Speech by state councillor Konrad Graber (LU)

SwissMetro-NG in the summer session of the council of states 2017 (D):

Overview of SwissMetro-NG

Presentation on the idea and technology behind SwissMetro-NG: Presentation

Mobility and Spatial Planning 2050

Statement of SwissMetro-NG on the partial programme “Sachplan Verkehr” (factuall plan for transport) of the Mobility and Spatial Planning 2050 sectoral plan at the ARE (Federal Office for Spatial Development): Statement (10.12.2020) (D)


Consultation AS2030/35

SwissMetro-NG took part in the consultation on the 2030/35 expansion stage of the federal railway network for the benefit of DETEC .

Consultation Text (20.12.2017) (D)

Medienmitteilung (D)

Communicato Stampa (I)

Communiqué de Presse (F)

Federal Council resolution of 10.05.2017 on 17.3262 (D)

FOT study list with regards to STEP 2030/35 (see “Einfluss neuer Technologien im Mobilitätsbereich” influence of new technologies in the are of mobility) German | French


Supplementary initiatives and reports:

Parliamentary motion 19.4443 Plan on measures to increase the market share of public transportation in overall transport.

German | French | Italian

Landscape concept for Switzerland: adaptation to the needs of the time (federal planning instrument)

Press Release ( German | French | Italian ), Report ( German | French | Italian )

Transport Outlook 2040, Federal Office for Spatial Development 2016

Vision Mobility Switzerland 2050, ETH-Zürich und University of St. Gallen, 2015 (D)