The SwissMetro-NG association is currently being reorganized. New members are being invited to join and help lead the association so that it reflects Switzerland’s linguistic, regional, cultural, political and entrepreneurial diversity and strength.


Initiators and Board

General Secretary:

Matthias Schifferli, Dipl. Ing. ETH / SIA
Silvio Foiera
Massimo Ferrari Dipl. Ing ETH / SIA
Ramon Alexander Bahman Dr. Ing. ETH / PhD

Advisors and Volunteers

Advisor for the re-organisation:
Delegate to the President:
Translation German-French:
Translation into Italian:

Translation and Advice:
Graphics and videos:
Social Media and Advisor:
Recruitment of new members:
Contact to Universities:

Niccolò Salvioni, Attorney at law and Notary Public from Locarno (TI)
Aurelius Bahman
Annette Ritter, Ritter Traductions
Sabrina Caccia, Testi&Stili
Lorenza Leonardi Sacino, Testi&Stili
Fabienne Forrer
Roberto Luzzani, Amila Entertainment
Emilie Schifferli
Chris Schmid
Nils Hirschi
Bernhard Eugster
Bruno Albrecht Dipl. Ing. ETH / SVI
Walter Ernst, MEng. Environment, fmr. Lecturer Universities of Applied Science