Statutes of the SwissMetro-NG association

The SwissMetro-NG association is a politically neutral nonprofit organisation (founded in 2017). Its purpose is to promote an ultra-fast transport system in Switzerland based on technologies developed by Swissmetro (Rodolphe Nieth, EPFL and ETHZ) and VacTrain (Swiss Transportation Research Institute). Statutes 25.08.2017 (D) The statutes are presently being revised.



An update of the SwissMetro main study of 31 May 1999 is a first objective. Due to the changed conditions (completion of Rail 2000, Gotthard-Alptransit and other national infrastructure projects, interest rates, gridlocks on the motorways and railway networks, CO2 and the global Climate Crisis, new technical developments, etc.) a reassessment of the project is indicated.

Our long-term objective is to get interested parties to set up a public limited company for the planning, construction and operation of SwissMetro-NG in Switzerland. This is analogous to the original Swissmetro AG, which was founded in the 90s for the original project. It is expected to be profitable, analogue the Frecciarossa , Shinkansen and other High Speed Rail Services in Europe and Japan.