The philosophy of SwissMetro-NG

SwissMetro-NG eliminates resistances to movement and speed instead burning more and more fuel to fight them. Rolling resistance is eliminated by magnetic levitation (Maglev analogous to the Transrapid) and air resistance is eliminated by means of a vacuum in underground tunnels. Ultra-fast speeds are thus possible and at the same time efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

SwissMetro-NG can take traffic off the motorways and roads and also reduce congestion on intercity-trains.  This will have a positive impact on Switzerland’s CO2 balance. By exporting and spreading the technology worldwide, short-haul flights can be replaced, thus reducing global CO2 emissions. This, without reducing the comfort to which people have become accustomed.

The underground routing will protect the Swiss landscape. SwissMetro-NG does not need land expropriations. Stations under railway stations and international airports ensure a smooth connection to the existing transport system. Construction costs are even lower than for high-speed trains (TGV etc.).

Documents on the Confederation’s climate strategy

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