The philosophy of SwissMetro-NG

SwissMetro-NG eliminates the resistances to movement and speed instead burning fuel to fight them. Rolling resistance is eliminated by magnetic levitation (Transrapid principle) and air resistance is eliminated by a vacuum in underground tunnels. Ultra-fast speeds become possible, economically feasible, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

SwissMetro-NG is an addition to Rail and Road. It will serve Public Transportation and reduce overcrowding on our Motorways and Intercity Railways. This will have a positive impact on Switzerland’s CO2 balance. By exporting the technology, traffic on short-haul flights and intercity motorways can be reduced significantly. CO2 emissions will be reduced on a global scale, without diminishing the comfort for passengers.

The underground infrastructure will help to conserve the Swiss landscapes, Cities and Ecosystems. Land expropriations can be avoided altogether. Stations under railway stations and international airports will ensure a smooth connection to the existing transport networks. Construction costs are even lower than for High-Speed Rail.

Documents on the Confederation’s climate strategy

Implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050 in public transport: facts and figures, FOT 2020 German | French

The long term climate strategy of Switzerland, FOEN 2021

The Energy Strategy 2050 in public transport, FOT 2020

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